Suchisneil "Neil" Gangopadhyay, the Irish Setter
September 1, 2011 - May 23, 2023

Neil in Spring 2023, Skillman, New Jersey

Our dear boy passed away peacefully at home the morning of Tuesday, May 23, 2023. He was 12. Neil was joyful, engaging, and playful till the very end. We are grateful for him and miss him very much. Thank you for all your love and prayers.

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Baby Neil

Suchisneil's Parents

Smyth Irish Setters


Smyth Irish Setters

Neil is from the family of Smyth Irish Setters. They live in Wisconsin, USA. Neil was born in his mother, Sylvia's, first litter. They are descended from the Wendover Kennels in Northampton, UK.

Roselle "Rose" Smyth owns Smyth Irish Setters. She loves to hunt and go out with her Irish Setter Dog Sled Team. With her husband and daughter, Rose and her family have been breeding dogs for generations and have currently over 40 dogs.

Smyth Irish Setters are field setters - from the hunting line of the breed. Neil's family members hunt for grouse and other game in Wisconsin.

The Smyth Irish Setter Dog Sled Team is well known in the community - they are proud of their famous red dog sled team! The team attracts a ton of attention in Mush Competitions as the red dogs streak across the frozen winterland. His grandfather, George, is a leader of the pack! 


Suchisneil's mother, Sylvia


Neil looks much like his Granddad, George

Smythe Dog Sled Team

The Smyth Dog Sled Team

Litter Certificate

Neil's Pedigree

 Neil's lineage goes back to Northampton in the United Kingdom with the famous Wendover Kennel owned by the late Mr & Mrs L C James. A more extensive family tree is available here.

Neil is registered with the AKC and his research pedigree is here.

Neil's  Montgomery Township License number is 2019-0784 and New York City License Number is 3111364.  

Suchisneil's Datamatrix Serve Card

Suchisneil's QR Code Serve Card
Neil is registered with the AKC CAR - American Kennel Club Companion Animal Rescue. ID is SR69624301.
You can call them at their Recovery Hotline: 1-800-252-7894 or click here

Suchisneil's MicroChip Card
You can also call Home Again at 1 888 HOME AGAIN (1 888 466 3242).
His HomeAgain Chip ID is 985121005089780. 

Bruno Gangopadhyay

Suchisneil's Uncle


Neil's Uncle


Born 1983
Passed 1996

Bruno was our little brother. Born March 3, 1983, Bruno was brought into the Gangopadhyay household on the auspicious occasion of Sandipan's Upanayan ceremony.

Bruno's father, Akbar, was an Indian Kennel Club Champion in Mumbai. His mother, the Queen of Sheba, was owned by family friends and a Delhi Champion.

Bruno passed away in Navi Mumbai in 1996 after battling cancer for almost a year.

Bruno was a very happy, lovable and sensitive member of the family. In tune with every family member's mood and feelings, he would go out of his way to support them and take care of them.

On the other hand, right up to his 13 year (91 doggie years?) age, he behaved pretty much like a lap dog. He had to be spoon fed, and expressed any sadness by going on a fast. He needed a lot of hugs and kisses. He sat and ate at the family dining table, wrote poetry and used the rest room facilities when the weather wasn't fair.

Bruno and his memories are cherished by the Gangopadhyay family and even by the kids. Only Suchisman actually saw him and he was only a year old when Bruno passed away. We believe Bruno is always with us and continues to look after us every step of the way.

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